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  Rivella Overview >      
RIVELLA is Switzerland's no 1 soft drink and sells over 90 million
litres per annum through bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and
supermarkets. The original Red introduced in 1952 by the company founder Dr.Robert Barth is a sporty sugar enhanced sparkling soft drink. It represents just over half of the annual sales, whereas Blue is the low sugar version providing the same great taste and thirst quenching qualities. Please see for more details on Rivella the drink and Rivella the company.


  Ramseier Overview >      
Established in 1932, RAMSEIER is Switzerland’s most popular apple
juice brand. It is made from over 30 different apple varieties, which
are allowed to ripen on mature trees, and processed immediately
after being harvested.

Ramseier is owned by the Swiss farmers that produce it. For more
information about Ramseier and the company that produces it
please see

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