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  Why Rivella is the most popular Swiss soft drink >  
Possibly because Rivella is the healthiest drink you can buy?
  • Non-alcoholic, it has an appealing light golden colour,
    and delicious and unique fruit flavour taste!
  • It is a sophisticated alternative to alcohol!

  • Rivella
    contains nothing that is bad for you!
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!
  • No caffeine and no fat!

    Rivella Refreshes and Revives you!

  • Lightly sparkling, it is a wholesome drink to quench your thirst!
  • It also has beneficial qualities that help revive you!

    Why we think you will like it too
    A combination of its healthy contents, refreshing and reviving
    qualities, good looks and delicious fruit flavour, make Rivella an
    excellent alternative to many of the current “soft drinks” in the UK market – a wholesome drink you can safely give to all the family, from kids to grandparents, to re-hydrate and revive after sports and other activities, or to drink socially, as a sophisticated non-alcoholic thirst quencher.

    What Rivella contains

    Rivella Red: Energy 160kJ / 37kCal per 100ml
    Carbonated Water 56.85%
    Lactoserum 35.00%
    Sucrose 7.64%
    Acidifier (Natural L(+)-lactic acid) 0.34%
    Natural flavourings 0.17%
    Rivella Blue: Energy 30kJ / 7kCal per 100ml
    Carbonated Water 64.45%
    Lactoserum 35.00%
    Acidifier (Natural L(+)-lactic acid) 0.33%
    Natural flavourings 0.17%
    Sweeteners (cyclamate, acesulfame K) 0.05%
      Lactoserum provides lactose for added energy.

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